FF Nexus | A family of three ‘connected’ typefaces

The first overview of FF Nexus was a simple double-sided A5 print, handed out during the TypoBerlin ‘Change’ conference in May 2005.

During this conference I gave a lecture called ‘Changing Places: Arnhem – Berlin – Warsaw’. It was the first time I could present the FF Nexus family to a wide audience.

For the travelling exhibition ‘FIFFTEEN’, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the FontFont library, Jan Middendorp wrote and designed a little booklet called ‘Read Me’. He used FF Nexus for the text of this booklet, the first time it was used in print.

Read the text of the FF Nexus overview below or download a PDF   at the bottom.

FF Nexus

A family of three ‘connected’ typefaces 

Between 1988 and 1994 Martin Majoor designed Scala and Scala Sans. The idea behind Scala was to design a serif, humanistic typeface from which a sans serif version would be derived. Majoor called it: Two typefaces, one form principle, and it would become the basis of his type design philosophy.

FF Scala is a large family, and in the more than ten years of its existance especially the combination of a serif version and a sans serif version has proven to be highly succesful in corporate design, in book design and in newspaper design. Now, ten years later, Majoor has changed his idea of Two typefaces, one form principle into Three typefaces, one form principle, with a new family of typefaces as a result.

FF Nexus is an extensive family of three ‘connected’ typefaces, partly based on Majoors FF Seria, but much more a work-horse face. Starting point is the typeface FF Nexus Serif. Then there is a sans serif version that is derived from the serif: FF Nexus Sans. And then there comes in a third member, a slab-serif-like design FF Nexus Mix that in its turn is derived from the sans.

FF Nexus Typewriter is a useful corporate monospaced font. It includes old style figures, real italics and a bold italic.

FF Nexus Serif Italic is provided with two series of elegant Swash Capitals. Lowercase swashes are available as long and as short end swashes.

The FF Nexus™ family has been released in the autumn of 2004 by FSI FontShop International in both the OpenType format and in the traditional formats. All weights are provided with small caps, table figures and extensive expert sets.

Martin Majoor, January 2005  

FF Nexus | A family of three ‘connected’ typeface     
Download the overview (PDF 176 Kb)

©  Martin Majoor. First published by FSI FontShop International, 2004.