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The designers of some of the most succesful typefaces of the last two decades, Martin Majoor (Scala, Nexus, Comma) and Jos Buivenga (Museo, Calluna, Antona) teamed up to collaborate on one of the most exciting undertakings of 2014, The Questa Project.

The extensive Questa family includes serif, sans, slab and display typefaces, all in five weights and both in roman and in italic. The inclusion of small caps, ligatures, four sets of figures and ­extended language support makes Questa a real workhorse typeface.

Questa was selected amongst the 50 most noteworthy font releases of 2014, chosen by a panel of experts and published in the 365Typo annual book, in collaboration with Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

Buying options

All fonts of The Questa Project are available as OpenType Pro fonts and Webfonts. You can activate Questa in the Adobe Creative Cloud app or you can buy the fonts through I Love Typography, Fontspring, MyFonts or Fontstand.

Free fonts download

Try Questa yourself: the regular cut of each of the four family members (Questa Regular, Questa Sans Regular, Questa Slab Regular, Questa Grande Regular) are fully functional Open Type fonts and are completely free to download.

Bonus!  A large type specimen of The Questa Project that gives a complete glyph overview and all the necessary information about its extensive Open Type features and language support. There are text and display examples and the well-illustrated text is an interesting read for students and scholars about the transition of classicistic seriffed typefaces (like Didot and Bodoni) to the first sans serifs, a development that took place in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Questa Free Download Package  
(containing the 4 regular free fonts + the bonus type specimen)